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“Hi! My name is Skivolo! I am a young red panda with high-risk neuroblastoma. When I was first diagnosed, I had many questions, such as "Why am I sick?,” "Did I get cancer because I was bad?,” and "Can I play with other kids when I go to the hospital?"

Scroll down to follow me on my journey and learn what it is like to visit the hospital, have tests done, and receive special medicines!

Skivolo is a young red panda with high-risk neuroblastoma

Newly Diagnosed

I want you to meet my family! They helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed. Here is my mom, Patrino, my dad, Patro, and my sister, Jenu. They all love me very much and are with me on my neuroblastoma journey.

To learn about high-risk neuroblastoma and the tests you may need, check out my book, The Big Adventures of Little Skivolo.

In treatment

Part of my neuroblastoma journey included a medicine called antibody (ANT-E-BODY) therapy. This was given to me in the hospital to treat my neuroblastoma.

This is Doctor Kono and Nurse Felicia, who took care of me while I was in the hospital. They explained to me and my family what antibody therapy was and how it worked inside my body.

To learn more about antibody therapy and how it works to fight high-risk neuroblastoma, you and your parents can read The Next Big Adventure of Little Skivolo.

Learn more about antibody therapy with Skivolo, a young red panda with high-risk neuroblastoma

After treatment

Zara Takes Off Book Cover

Hi! I’m Skivolo’s friend, Zara. I’ve finished my neuroblastoma treatment. I can’t wait to tell you about all of the new adventures I’m launching into with the help of my family and healthcare team.

Please look for a special note in my book from my friend Leah Still, daughter of former NFL player Devon Still. Just like me, Leah has finished her neuroblastoma treatment and shares details about her journey.

To learn more about life after treatment has finished, you and your parents can read Zara Takes Off.

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Little Skivolo’s Big Book of Fun

Little Skivolo’s Big Book of Fun is an activity and coloring book for patients and their families. The coloring activities, games, crafts, and puzzles in this book can keep your child and their siblings engaged during hospital visits.

Skivolo’s Big Book of Fun